Q1 Progress and What’s Next?

Quick timeline rundown…


  • The first 15 community members, originally named as Golden Punks, started at Cryptochain PH with the sole purpose of educating and welcoming axie scholars to the world of crypto and investing.
Golden Punks served as a status symbol inside the CCPH community wherein you can approach the members anytime if you want to learn more about crypto and investing with them.
  • First unofficial podcast in CCPH with the aim to educate scholars to the very basics of crypto and investing.
This was where the first 40 Bored Punk Pioneers came from and were given for free as long as they stay consistent with the mission of Bored Punks: to educate.
  • Early Bored Punk members are considered as part of an exclusive group dedicated to teaching newcomers to the world of crypto and investing.
  • First episode of Bored Punks Podcast with marksenpai (guest speaker and now Director of Education at Bored Punks of Society)
Link of the first ever podcast can be viewed here
  • Conceptualizing Bored Punks of Society main collection with the goal to be an iconic and unique NFT brand representing the Philippines and pioneering the Filipino NFT movement.
Early bored punk variations. We had to choose one and decided to use the other variations for future releases.
  • Rebranding of Bored Punks of Society and major sneak peeks to the Bored Punks of Society collection.
  • Started partnering up with establishments and brands to give perks and benefits to Bored Punks of Society NFT holders.
  • Release of the first roadmap and plans for Bored Punks of Society.
November BPOS Roadmap
  • Celebrated 3,000 community members in our Discord Server.
  • OFFICIAL MINTING. Website got DDOS attacked on the 2nd day of minting by an anonymous exploiter but the community got together and taught each other how to mint on the official smart contract of the BPOS NFT. Totally sparked the camaraderie within the Bored Punks of Society community!
Mint price only costs Php. 2,500 which unlocks exclusive perks and discounts from different brands and establishments nationwide pioneering the standard Filipino NFT utility system.
  • Bored Punks of Society Christmas party, NFT reveal, and new year’s eve celebration.
community members celebrated the first Christmas and new year’s eve event of Bored Punks of Society
  • Celebrated 7,500 community members in our Discord Server.
  • SOLD OUT. First Filipino-based NFT collection with over 1,000 collectibles to get sold out inspiring the Filipino NFT scene and its potential!
  • Celebrated 14,000 community members in our Discord Server.

Progress and Achievements

  • First Filipino-based NFT collection with over 1,000 art pieces to get sold out.
  • First Filipino-based NFT collection to break 200 ETH (~Php. 30,000,000+) in sales volume.
  • First Filipino-based NFT collection to host an exclusive physical event for Bored Punk holders: Bored Punks Nexus Event.
  • First Filipino-based NFT brand to host a podcast in the metaverse: Cryptovoxels.
BPOS hosted its first ever podcast in the metaverse with Nix Eniego, the Philippine lead for Sky Mavis, discussing about the future of blockchain gaming and the metaverse! #BPOSintheMetaverse
  • First Filipino-based NFT brand to reward its holders with over Php. 750,000 Pesos worth of MATIC tokens.
  • First NFT Brand to be a grand prize for national esports tournaments
  • One of the First Filipino-based NFT PFP collection to get included in Art Fair PH.
  • First NFT Brand to get featured on a music video!
Bored Punks of Society featured on Allmo$t Music’s “U GOT ME”! Gradually solidifying our brand in the Filipino music scene with Allmo$t Music!
  • 50,000+ Bored Punks Community Combined Nationwide with 100+ Bored Punk Educators.
  • 100+ Partners and Affiliates Nationwide
To view the full list of BPOS perks & benefits, go to discord.gg/boredpunksociety
  • 250+ ambassadors, influencers, and notable holders inside and outside of the space onboarded.
  • 25+ Episodes of Bored Punks Podcasts and counting.
Bored Punk Podcast Episodes can be rewatched here.
  • January Top NFT Collectible in the Polygon Network Worldwide
  • Leading Filipino NFT Brand Pioneering the NFT Scene in the Philippines

BPOS Educates & Celebrates

Bored Punks of Society hosted numerous talks on crypto, investing, and financial literacy with different communities and institutions.

The first ever special podcast hosted by Bored Punks of Society for Filipino crypto communities
Bored Punks of Society’s John Mark Fernandez had a talk at Technological University of the Philippines. First ever BPOS Collegiate Webcasts.
Bored Punks of Society’s core team had a talk at La Fuerza Compound, Makati in celebration of Art Fair PH
Bored Punks of Society Co-Founder ‘jockygelo’ and artist ‘melon babe’ discussed about NFTs on BitPinas
Bored Punks of Society Co-Founders ‘jockygelo’ and ‘Snoopscoops’ had a talk about NFTs and community building on one of PDAX’ Fresh Money episode. Check it out!
  • Got featured on different news articles and blogs

BPOS Physical Events

Bored Punks of Society: Nexus Event

Art Fair PH: NFT

BPOS Utilities and Tiered System

Owning a Bored Punks of Society NFT makes you officially part of our exclusive social club which opens up holder-only perks and discounts, new opportunities, and a wide network of connections of Filipino crypto enthusiasts, sophisticated investors, professional traders, licensed financial advisors, influencers, passionate individuals, and notable people inside and outside of the space you can connect and thrive with.

  • Exclusive Access to Discord Channels & Benefits
Exclusive Bored Holder channels will be due for improvement in Q2
  • Access to exclusive Bored Punks exclusive card and holder benefits
To view the full list of BPOS perks & benefits, go to discord.gg/boredpunksociety
There are four tiers in the tier mechanics of the BPOS Holder System
BPOS exclusive membership card tier mechanics with respect to rarity and amount of BPOS will be released soon.
Smart Contract Address: 0xe207d6eba65d497ff177d49353cb088babcb677a

Q1 2022 Reflections

Q1 has been an extensive experimentation stage for BPOS. For the past few months, our team has tested out different approaches on developments for the long term sustainability of Bored Punks of Society.

Q2 Plans

In Q2 we will make it up to you. We will focus more on community efforts, make a push for web3 innovation, and listen more to the suggestions that you put forth. We will start by going through the list below which includes key-points from previous community discussions and talks.

  • BPOS Mini Esports Community Tournament (ongoing)
  • Trading calls and alpha calls holders exclusivity
  • Reward systems for weekly games and events exclusivity
  • Middle-man system that will benefit BPOS trade volume
  • Discussion for rare, pioneer, and special bored punks
  • Bored Holder exclusive discord channels improvement
  • Website Revamp
  • Web3 Integration
  • BPOS as collateral in a Lending Platform
  • Bored NFT Reward Medal Mechanics
  • Membership card Web3 mechanics
  • BPOS x Clothing Brand Collaboration

Roadmap 2.0?

The Bored Punk DNA

What’s Next?

  • Bored NFT Reward Medal for Community Engagement
  • Website changes and wallet integration
  • BPOS Membership Card and Tier Mechanics
  • BPOS x Clothing Brand Collaboration Merch



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The pioneering and premier Filipino NFT brand with the goal of educating and welcoming the mass to the beauty of crypto, investing, and financial literacy.