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5 min readJun 2, 2022

You’ve probably seen Coziest’s latest post which is why you’re here, and you’re probably curious about what is to come in their latest collaboration with Bored Punks of Society 👀

Well, let us walk you through first on what is to come since this collaboration is none of your typical ones 😉

First, what are NFTs?

NFTs basically give sense of ownership in the internet. A proof of authenticity that you own something in the digital world. With the astonishing growth of this technology, comes also the rise of play-to-earn NFT games such as Axie Infinity and Pegaxy, digital identities and digital artworks where some are selling for millions of pesos, and amazing benefits that come from owning such NFTs that you can buy and sell. The NFT space opened up so much potential in bringing digital ownership to the next level bringing more innovations as time goes by, and this is just the start. Welcome to Web3! 🥳

Bored Punks of Society

The pioneering and premier NFT brand in the Philippines with the goal to educate and welcome Filipinos to the world of crypto, web3, and investing. With its movement to bring crypto to the masses, comes the initiative to connect the digital to the physical through educating and innovating in the space.


One of the prominent streetwear brands in the Philippines. With over 100,000 followers nationwide and its remarkable presence in the Filipino streetwear scene, Coziest is definitely your rising go-to fashion brand in the Philippines. Stay cozy.

The BPOS x Coziest Collaboration

nothing big, just bored and cozy 😉

Coziest, one of the prominent streetwear brands in the Philippines, and Bored Punks of Society, the pioneering and premier Filipino NFT brand, will soon be releasing their first-ever NFT x Streetwear collaboration called Bored and Cozy this June 12, in a form of Mint and Claim mechanics introducing a unique balance of value for both the physical merch and the NFT, and changing the usual way for people to own and appreciate streetwear products physically and digitally.

This collaboration is the first-ever in the Filipino NFT and streetwear scene. Two prominent brands in their own respective industries collaborate bringing together a product that is something new and very special in disrupting and connecting both industries. With its goal to connect the digital to the physical and onboard the Filipino people to the world of crypto and web3, this collaboration not only gives you the NFT, but also gives you the utility to claim the physical product with it!

What you need to know

✔️ The first-ever NFT collection of Coziest in collaboration with Bored Punks of Society.

✔️ The first-ever physical merch of BPOS in collaboration with Coziest

✔️ Get both the NFT + Merch.

  • Bored and Cozy NFT + Merch
  • Mint Date: June 12, 2022
  • 2,500 pieces
  • $50 in MATIC tokens
  • Polygon Network
  • 5 Designs — 3 shirts & 2 hoodies that will be minted randomly
  • Mint NFT and Claim the Physical Merch
  • No Shipping Fee

How to avail?

With this unique collaboration, we will be introducing a new mechanic for getting both the NFT and the merch, connecting two industries, and bringing in a unique web3 experience.

Mint and Claim Mechanics

You must own a Bored and Cozy NFT first to be able to claim the exclusive physical counterpart of the NFT.

To own the NFT, you must mint it on our website or buy it on the secondary market. Via minting, the NFT and its merch counterpart you will be receiving is randomized and based on the rarity of the designs.

Rarity chart:
30% (750 pcs) — Stay Bored, Stay Cozy
30% (750 pcs) — Holy or Unholy
20% (500 pcs) — Cereal Boy
10% (250 pcs) — Retro Punk (Hoodie)
10% (250 pcs) — Agent Punk (Hoodie)

Owners of the Bored and Cozy NFT will be able to claim the physical merch by going to our claiming website (coming soon) and clicking the claim button.

Curious on how to mint and claim on June 12? Minting tutorials for beginners will soon be released. So stay tuned and stay cozy 👀

— — —

What happens to the NFT if a person chooses to claim?

In order to balance out the value on both the NFT and the merch that are being physically released, and to also keep track of what NFTs still have a claimable counterpart; we will be introducing a new mechanism in our backend claiming smart contract.

Mint NFT ➤ Burn NFT ➤ Claim Merch

In our backend, we will be introducing a “Burn NFT” mechanic that will automatically carry out if a person finally decides to claim the physical equivalent of the NFT on our website. With this, people can easily keep track of the NFTs that are yet to be claimed physically in the secondary market.

How will this work? “Burning” is the process of deleting an NFT. But don’t worry, owners who’ve burned their NFT on our website will be issued a new one that is stamped signifying that the NFT’s physical equivalent is already being claimed. Claimed-NFTs may serve as a memento and a proof of ownership for the physical merch that will be delivered to the owner’s doorstep without any shipping fee.

Excited to claim the physical merch? More information on claiming mechanics and tutorials will be provided soon 😉

With this mechanism, a person can have both the nft and the merch whilst also introducing a balance of value on both items due to its decreasing Bored and Cozy NFT supply and increasing demand for the physical product. The claimed-NFT counterpart may also serve as proof of ownership and open up to the additional utilities that may be provided in the future.

— — —

Other Things You Should Know

  • No retail. You can only get the shirt/hoodie by owning the NFT and claiming it.
  • Claiming the physical product will be done by batches. We will be providing a two-week claiming period and a week for production right after.
  • Bored Pioneers and Bored Holders with 5 or more BPOS NFTs will automatically get whitelisted.
  • The collaboration will not affect BPOS tier system and utility.
  • Stay tuned for whitelist giveaways in our Discord Server throughout the week!
  • Bored and Cozy AMA will happen on June 4, Saturday @ 7 pm! See you there!

For more questions and inquiries, kindly go to this link.

Nothing big, just bored and cozy.



Bored Punks of Society

The pioneering and premier Filipino NFT brand with the goal of educating and welcoming the mass to the beauty of crypto, investing, and financial literacy.