BORED Medal of Prestige Mechanics & BPOS Weekly Recap

  • You can now easily get whitelist spots and alphas, as a Bored Holder, on different Ethereum NFT projects that are also vetted with the help of our community partner, PB Diamond Holders!
check their community out and get your BPOS verified! click here
To watch replays and recording, kindly click here!
Stay tuned on May 26–28 as we witness the first ever BPOS Community Esports Fest for Valorant!
Marksenpai, BPOS Head of Education, represented BPOS in the event by sharing the brand’s mission and vision to help spread awareness on our movement to educate and innovate for the adoption of crypto and NFTs in the Philippines.
Connecting with different crypto content creators, fintech companies, and other notable individuals from different niche such as web3, hip hop, events and music with the goal to represent BPOS and our movement.
Marksenpai, BPOS Head of Education, attended the Metacrafters launch event representing BPOS and connected with various people in the crypto space including the founder of the biggest guild in the world: YGG (Yield Guild Games).
Marksenpai, BPOS Head of Education and representative, discussed about cryptocurrencies and its impact in the world in one of the most awaited event for traders and investors alike in the Philippines.
Myc attended PizzaDao’s event in Poblacion in celebration of Bitcoin Pizza Day!
  • Don’t forget to subscribe on our BPOS Youtube channel as we constantly publish post-edited podcasts and AMAs + sneak peeks of what’s coming for BPOS 😉
  • #🔔🤙│alphas and #🔔📈│signals channels are now back and more active!
  • BPOS latest listings, # 💸│bpos-listings channel, is now added! Time to snipe!
  • Discord Levels have been reset in preparation for BORED Medal of Prestige
  • Changes in giveaways. From Gcash to crypto and nfts to help onboard people and push for web3 use and adoption.
BORED Medal of Prestige NFT will be awarded to notable bored community members soon 😉
medal owners have a week to choose and redeem their rewards every end of the month.
  • Spotify Premium
  • Youtube Premium
  • Netflix HD Subscription
  • Discord Nitro
  • NFT Whitelist Spots (still dyor!)
  • 1 Night Hotel Accommodation
  • BPOS Exclusive Merch
  • quality community contributions (eg. being an educator)
  • community engagement and activities
  • community participation (eg. voice channel hangouts, chatting with community members, listening and participating on podcasts and twitter spaces, giving fundamental and technical insights, fan arts, memes, singing, etc.)
  • events participation
  • contests and competitions
  • educating and guiding the community
  • innovating with BPOS
  • Discord Levels and Invites Topnotcher
  • Twitter engagements



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The pioneering and premier Filipino NFT brand with the goal of educating and welcoming the mass to the beauty of crypto, investing, and financial literacy.